Attn:  Dr. Koepke’s parents

It has been a while since we let you know Dr. Koepke would be leaving the practice.  If you have already reached out to the office to let us know which physician you would like your child to switch to within the office, you can disregard this message.  As we continue to work through this, we wanted to let you know that:

#1 – She will continue to see her patients until 7/29/2022.

#2 – If you know now who you want your child to see once she has left, you may email your children’s names, dates of birth, and physician you are picking in the office to and we will change their chart effective 8/1/2022.  The sooner we get this information the more time it will allow the new physician to review your child’s records.

#3 – There is no paperwork needed to switch from Dr. Koepke to another physician in the office.

#4 – If you are unsure of who to choose, you may visit our website at to view the other physician’s bios if you wish.  The other physicians are not limiting the number of patients they will take over from her.  Dr. Koepke is encouraging you to switch to them and trust they will provide the same level of care you have come to expect.   All the physicians participate in the same insurance plans.

#5 – If you have questions about switching to another physician in the practice, please feel free to call and speak to us.  If for any reason you wish transfer your children’s care to another provider outside of our practice, you can also email at the above address a completed medical record transfer form at which time you make that decision.  That form can be found on our website at

Change is hard!  We hope this helps to ensure a smooth and comfortable process for everyone❤️